Derman Arardım Derdime

Derman arardım derdime
Derdim bana derman imiş
Burhan sorardım aslıma
Aslım bana burhân imiş

Sağı solu gözler idim
Ben dost yüzün görsem deyu
Ben taşrada arar iken
Ol can içinde cân imiş

Öyle sanırdım ayrıyam
Dost gayrıdır ben gayrıyam
Benden görüp işiteni
Bildim ki ol Canân imiş

Savm u salat u hac ile
Sanma biter zâhid işin
İnsan-ı Kâmil olmaya
Lâzım olan irfân imiş

Kanden gelir yolun senin
Ya kande varır menzilin
Nerden gelip gittiğini
Anlamayan hayvan imiş

Mürşid gerektir bildire
Hakk'ı sana Hakka'l yakîn
Mürşidi olmayanların
Bildikleri gümân imiş

İşit Niyazi'nin sözün
Bir nesne örtmez Hak yüzün
Hakk'tan ayan bir nesne yok
Gözsüzlere pinhân imiş

I Sought a Cure for my Ills

I sought a cure for my ills
I discovered my sickness was the cure
I asked myself, “Why am I here?”
My existence was my answer.

I searched right and left
Seeking for the Friend
While I sought Him everywhere
He was within me all the time.

I thought I was separate from You
I am I and You are You
The one who heard and who saw
Was none other than my Lord within

Fasting, Praying and Hajj
Will not be enough, oh scholar
To be a perfect human being
Divine wisdom is needed

Where do you come from?
Where are you going?
If you do not seek the answer
You are no better than an animal

A guide is needed to truly know
To show you the essence of Truth
Those who do not have guides
Rely on guesswork rather than wisdom

Hear the words of Niyazi:
Nothing veils the face of God
And nothing exists other than God
But the blind can’t perceive Him.



Posted Translation *Reviewed by Tosun Baba k


alternate try: Chris / Ismail
Yearning to remedy my soul's pain,
Longing Him became my cure.

Learning the truth of my origin,
I remember the home I've long adored.

Wandering, lost in His Existence;
Seeking a glimpse of my Beloved's Face;

Desperate in the wilderness without;
Finding his soul the soul within.

The pious cup swift overflows,
Pour out the stagnant, look within.

The perfect master fills the cup of truth with Truth;
Those without are guided only by doubt.

Give not your cup to masters self-declared;
Only the Perfect Master's wine swift intoxicates.

Perceive the truth of Niyazi's words:
He never hides His face from you;

Nothing exists without His Truth,
But you must have the eyes to see.