Derman Arardım Derdime

Derman arardım derdime
Derdim bana derman imiş
Burhan sorardım aslıma
Aslım bana burhân imiş

Sağı solu gözler idim
Ben dost yüzün görsem deyu
Ben taşrada arar iken
Ol can içinde cân imiş

Öyle sanırdım ayrıyam
Dost gayrıdır ben gayrıyam
Benden görüp işiteni
Bildim ki ol Canân imiş

Savm u salat-ü hac ile
Sanma biter zâhid işin
İnsan-ı Kâmil olmaya
Lâzım olan irfân imiş

Kanden gelir yolun senin
Ya kande varır menzilin
Nerden gelip gittiğinı
Anlamayan hayvan imiş

Mürşid gerektir bildire
Hakk'ı sana Hakka'l yakîn
Mürşidi olmayanların
Bildikleri gümân imiş

İşit Niyazi'nin sözün
Bir nesne örtmez Hak yüzün
Hakk'tan ayan bir nesne yok
Gözsüzlere pinhân imiş

Yearning To Remedy My Soul's Pain

I was seeking a cure for my ills
I discovered my sickness was my cure

I was asking “Why am I here?”
My presence was my answer

I was looking right and left
Searching for the Friend

While I was seeking outside for him
He was within me all the time.

Hear the words of Niazi:
Nothing veils the face of God

There is none here but Truth
But the blind don’t see it.

***Reviewed by Baba



Org Posted Translation:


#1.) Chris / Ismail
Yearning to remedy the pain of my
Soul, until longing Him became my cure;
Learning the Truth of my origin, I
Remember Him, the home I long adored;
Wandering, lost in His Existence, e'er
Seeking a glimpse of my Beloved's Face;
Desperate in the wilderness without,
Within my soul, I found His hiding place.
So pay your zakat, offer all of your prayers,
Without His Blessing, there's nothing to gain;
And hear the wisdom of Niyazi's words:
His Face is there before you open, plain;
Nothing, without His Truth, can e'er exist
But the blind can never see, nor love resist.


#2.) Chris / Ismail
Yearning to remedy my soul's pain,
Longing Him became my cure.

Learning the truth of my origin,
I remember the home I've long adored.

Wandering, lost in His Existence;
Seeking a glimpse of my Beloved's Face;

Desperate in the wilderness without;
Finding his soul the soul within.

The pious cup swift overflows,
Pour out the stagnant, look within.

The perfect master fills the cup of truth with Truth;
Those without are guided only by doubt.

Give not your cup to masters self-declared;
Only the Perfect Master's wine swift intoxicates.

Perceive the truth of Niyazi's words:
He never hides His face from you;

Nothing exists without His Truth,
But you must have the eyes to see.


#3.) Chris / Ismail
Seek not within the world to find yourself,
Look neither high nor low in search of truth -
To remedy the pain within your soul -
Lest you would suffer swift the world's reproof;

For all that glitters, truly, is not gold,
And all that sparkles and delights the eye
Is naught but fuel for vain imaginings
That only would your truth within belie;

For all you seek is there within your heart -
Your sickness is indeed your remedy
If it inspires you to seek the One
Who breathed His Breath, commanding us to "Be!"

Yet careful too, trust not the outer clothes
And rituals in which our faith is cloaked
Be not as he who swims upon dry land
Yet knows not what it feels like to be soaked;

For truly it you would the answers find
Your deepest self unto a master show,
And grateful serve him as he serves his Lord
That through this service you'll His mercy know

And come perhaps to find that deep within (And come to understand that deep within)
The remedy is this: that you exist
And separation is the pain you feel
That once you know Him cannot long persist.

For never does He hide His Face from you,
Alas, if you have not the eyes to see
That He's the Soul within our (your) very soul
Truth hidden stays and blind you'll ever be. (Then hidden stays the Truth and blind you'll be)

And yet, if you would have the eyes to see
Perceive the value of our (your?) origin
And knows that He exists in everything
And thus to truly live at last begin.


#4.) Chris / Ismail
It is little enough that I do for my Lord,
yet how great is His Mercy, His Love and Reward

From the pain in my soul to its remedy sure
Such a sickness at last became its own cure;

Turning right, turning left, searching high, searching low
Not a place did I miss, nor a trace did He show
Still the more that I looked, still the less did I find
In the darkness I wandered, unfortunate, blind

Every doctrine i tried, every creed I employed
Each mechanical ritual selfish enjoyed

Every master who dared himself falsely proclaim
Like a dog did I follow and struggle and strain

Yet no closer emerged (I came), nowhere nearer the Truth
Every effort met naught but the staunchest reproof;

'Til at last did I dare to look deeply within
And to question the turth of my own origin

And the deeper i looked, still the deeper I went
'Til a master my Lord ever merciful sent

And He bade me to serve him the way that he served
For in serving, the path to His Love I observed;

Everywhere that I gazed Him alone did I see
Who commanded in love all existence to "Be!"

His alone is the Breath that's the Soul of my soul -
I'd been looking through parts yet ignoring the whole

Never once did he hide yet somehow I had missed
That without Him no thing and no one could exist;

Yet alas for so long I'd been searching in vain
Unaware of the truth, that my cure was my pain,

Yes, in longing for Him, Love alone I had found
And his Mercy is such that His Blessings abound

For in serving my master, my ego ignored
'Til my life did I see as His greatest reward

And at last whole emerged, from the wilderness came
Freed from sorrow and doubt, free from anger and shame

Safe, secure in the Truth, separated no more
From my sickness returned to my origin pure.

Yes, it's little enough that I do for my Lord
Yet how great is His Mercy, His Love and Reward

For without Him no thing could exist on the earth
And the fact that we live through His love proves His Love, and our worth.
(And the fact that we live is the proof of His Love, and our worth).