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Bu Aklü Fikrile

Bu aklü fikr ile Mevlâ bulunmaz
Bu ne yâredir ki zahmi bulunmaz
Yâ Allah Yâ Allah Allah Allah Allah

Kamunun derdine derman bulunur
Şu benim derdime derman bulunmaz
Yâ Allah Yâ Allah Allah Allah Allah

Aşkın pazarında canlar satarlar
Satarım canımı alan bulunmaz
Yâ Allah Yâ Allah Allah Allah Allah

Yûnus öldü deyu salâ verirler
Ölen hayvan imiş âşıklar ölmez
Yâ Allah Yâ Allah Allah Allah Allah

With Such Reasoning

You cannot find the Lord with such reasoning,
What kind of wound is this which has no pus?

There is a cure for all troubles,
But there is no cure for mine.

Lovers sell lives at the marketplace
I sell mine, no one buys.

They recite the sala* for the death of Yunus
Animals die, not the lovers.


Commentary by Yurdaer Baba (from Raihan):

"Lovers sell lives at the marketplace"
temporal love / eternal
giving w/o getting anything, not expecting anything back
selling your life, sacrifice my life for you, what will You give in treut, is definition of highest level of love , in temporal world
I am in love too, there's no BUYER, there's no temporal partern for the love,
lover and the Beloved, for the beloved people are ready to sacrifice everything

A level of love where you can not find or satisfy in the temporal world

Description of his state, presenting it as a fact

"They recite the sala for the death of Yunus" means:
- definition of someone being deceased, when you hear sala, think that someone has died
love is eternal, can never be killed,
"animals" - are physical form, that's what dies