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Tecelli şevk-i didârın
Beni mest eyledi hayrân
"Enel Hak" sırrını canım
Anın çün kılmazam pünhan

Sanırsın Eşrefoğlu'yam
Ne Rumî'yem ne İznikî
Benem ol daim-ü Bâki
Göründüm suretâ insân

The Excitement of Your Face when it Appeared

The excitement of Your face when it appeared
Made me marvel and become drunk
I know the secret of "en el Haqq" from my heart
Therefore I don't give much heed

They think I am Esrefoglu Rumi
I am neither Rumi nor Izniki
I am that eternal One
Appearing in the shape of man

Ye§il Sancak (Segah)

When I was sleeping I dreamt I woke up shedding tears
In the presence of my Lord stood in obeisance

I wish to reach my sheikh shedding tears :
Look !There comes Muhammad with his green banner
Oh Allah bless Muhammad and his progeny

He took his flag and walked to the holy throne His Light illuminated the whole

There is no force in my heart, it all melted away :

He wears his shoes of date wood
The color of rose buds on his cheeks

Show me your beloved in my dreams, Oh Lord:

His flag is green, his banner is of light
Without a guide, one cannot go- the roads are full of bandits

My guide is the Qur'an, my saint is Cerrahi :

Yunus Emre says the world is a lie

Don't count on your belongings, they will blow away

To sleep at sunrise is a sin for lovers