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İlim İlim Bilmektir

İlim ilim bilmektir
İlim kendin bilmektir
Sen kendini bilmezsin
Ya nice okumaktır

Okumanin manasi
Kişi Hakkı bilmektir
Çün okudun bilmezsin
Ha bir kuru emektir

Yunus der ki Ey hoca
Isterse bin var Hacca
Hepisinden iyice
Bir gönüle girmektir

Knowledge is to Know Knowledge

Knowledge should mean a full grasp of knowledge:
Knowledge means you know yourself, heart and soul.
If you have failed to understand yourself,
Then all of your reading as missed its call.

What is the purpose of reading those books?
So that Man can know the All-Powerful.
If you have read, but failed to understand,
Then your efforts are just a barren toil.

Don't boast of reading, mastering science
Or of all your prayers and obeisance.
If you don't identify Man as God,
All your learning is of no use at all.

The true meaning of the four holy books
Is found in the alphabet's first letter.
You talk about that first letter, preacher;
What is the meaning of that, --could you tell?

Yunus Emre says to you, pharisee,
Make the holy pilgramage if need be
A hundred times--but if you ask me,
The visit to a heart is best of all.