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Erler Demine

Erler demine destur alalım
Pervaneye bak ibret alalım
Aşkın ateşine gel bir yanalım
Pervaneye bak ibret alalım
Dost dost dost

Devrana girüp seyran edelim
Eyvah demeden allah diyelim
lâ ilâhe illallâh, lâ ilâhe illallâh
lâ ilâhe illallâh, hu

Ey yolcu biraz gel dinle beni
Kervan geçiyor sen kalma geri
Yusuf denilen dünya güzeli
Fethetti bugün kalbi seferi
Dost dost dost

Günler geceler durmaz geçiyor
Sermayen olan ömrün bitiyor
Bülbüllere bak efgan ediyor
Ey gonca açıl mevsim geçiyor
Dost dost dost

the Brave Ones (Let us join)

Let’s get permission 
to join the Brave Ones
Take the moth as a lesson

Let’s burn in the fire of Love 

Take the moth as a lesson

Beloved Friend, beloved, beloved

Experience the world - take your journey

Let’s say Allah before alas

lâ ilâhe illallâh , lâ ilâhe illallâh

lâ ilâhe illallâh, Hu

O wayfarer listen to me

Caravans are passing by ,don’t be left out

Yusuf named ‘The Beauty of the World’

Conquered the journey of the heart

Beloved, beloved, beloved

Days and nights pass by, they won’t stop

Your life which is your capital is depleting

Look at the nightingales, they are calling

Oh Rosebud ,Open!, the season is passing

Beloved, beloved, beloved



*-Moths frequently appear to fly towards the source of artificial lights. Although the reason for this behavior remains unknown, they are used as a metaphor describing people longing to reach the light, truth.

*2-There is no deity but God (Allah)
*3- Hu is a singular third person pronoun in Arabic referring to God, Allah. It is considered one of the good ways of remembering God without any request implication.

*4-Passenger/wayfarer refers to a human being who’s traveling between birth and death.

*5-Caravan: a group of travelers, as merchants or pilgrims,  
journeying together for safety in passing through deserts, 
hostile territory. It also refers to a journey to the truth.
*6-Rosebud refers to a human being trying to reach his/her full potential as a genuine human being.