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Yar Yüreğim

Yar yüreğim yar
Gör ki neler var
Bu halk içinde
Bize gülen var

Gülenler gülsün
Dost bizim olsun
Nadan ne bilsün
Bizi bilen var

Girdik bu yola aşk ile bile
Gariblik ile bizi salar var
Bu yol uzaktır menzili çoktur
Geçidi yoktur derin sular var

Her kim merdane
Gelsin meydane
Kalmasın cane
Kimde hüner var

Yunus sen bunda
Meydanı iste
Meydan içinde
Merdaneler var

Split Open My Heart

Split open my heart, and when you do
See all it contains
There are those who mock us
Among the populace

Let them laugh at us
Let us be with true friends
The ignorant will not know
There are those who know us

We set out upon the road with love
Poverty as our only companion
The road is long, full of trials
Obstacles and pitfalls bar the way

Let those with noble hearts
Embark upon this difficult road
Let no one stay behind
If he has the ability to venture forth

Yunus, with this invitation
Accepts the challenge
Because on this road of courage
You may reach exaltation