Talal Bedru Aleyna

Tala al Bedru aleynâ
Min seni yâlil vedâ'i

Vece besşükru ‘aleynâ
Mâde’â lillahi dâ’i

Eyyuhel Mebusü fînâ
Ci’te bil-emril mutâ’i

Ci’te şerrafte’l Medina
Merhaben Yâ Hayrana'i

The Rising of the Full Moon is Upon Us

The rising of the full moon is upon us
With the grateful farewell of Mecca
We should be thankful for your coming to us
There are none who do not make dua to Allah
Oh you the Messenger you have been brought among
You have brought with you obedient commandments
By coming to Medina you have given us gratefulness
Oh the greetings and salutations to you the best of us